Family is everything

That sentence is so cliche but it is so true…I’ve had days that I felt I was on my last everything.  A little hug from my youngest son and I know that everything is just phase and this too shall pass.  I feel depressed or physically unable to move, and the phone rings…it’s one of my 85 or 95 year old aunts.  Who wouldn’t feel blessed or motivated after a pick me up like that.  I don’t take those gifts lightly.

I recently started doing genealogy.  I’ve “met” distant relatives that were also “genies” (I coined that term myself).  I can chat for hours with my cousin/friends.  As we attempt to remember those that have gone before us, to straighten out misconceptions and to just be a stronger community.  I realize that their are so many bonds that tie us together.  We cannot let the scary evening news, bad family situations or even health crises make us think that we don’t have everything we need right here, right now.


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