Being a big girl

My daddy is sick.  As in not going to ever get better sick.  He is 85 and I will be 84 on Saturday, but I am still his little girl.  This is hard.  My daddy was a big man to me.  He may have only been 5 foot 6 or 5 foot7 but to me he was a giant.  He was a furniture mover, I saw him lift refrigerators by himself, I saw him control grand pianos…he would sit on a ladder and hoist furniture over his head.  Why even 15 years ago when I moved into my house, my dad, his old buddy, my cousin who if living would be a senior citizen and my husband “rigged” our giant sofa up a ladder to the second floor sliding glass door to get it in the house, my Pop was 70 and leading the the charge!

I’m not ready for whatever is next


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