Why am I struggling with helping my 11 year old with a book review???

I “forget” to post here. I admit it; I read, hoard, perhaps actually crave free kindle books. I fully intend to provide each and every writer a book review.

The problem comes from my deep, true love of books. I start one, it makes me think of another and yet another book. I am extremely much like that moose and mouse (you know you give the moose a muffin, and then he’ll want another then he needs blackberry jamsomething like that). But I read lots and lots of books, I think of book reviews I just don’t actually write many.

All of that is to help you see why I am so confused by my inability to “help” my son with his persuasive book review of The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan. Why is this child not excited by my suggestion that the sweat virtually poured down his back as he imagined himself fighting for the fate of the world. I mean, the children face down their arch enemy and wrestled the serpent for victory and light to continue in our world,no? Too much? Well, this is MY blog darn it and I can be as over the top as I desire!

I seriously think The Serpent’s Shadow is a terrific read for the video game addicted tween kid. It has a little fantasy violence, nothing too scary just fun. I love that this book has a strong female lead. The story alternates between Sadie and Carter’s narration. They must figure out how to defeat Apophis the Serpent. It uses Egyptology (something new to me), so that was refreshing. Ra, the sun god is senile, eats (or is it gums) cookies and needs a baby sitter. This is funny and exciting. I look forward to my younger boys getting in to the series.


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