My review of Reinventing Mona

I definitely enjoyed Reinventing Mona.  It is the best book I have read this month (January). The book wasn’t perfect but very few books are.  Lets start with dissecting Mona.  We quickly learn that Mona is an engineer whose company is looking for employees that are interested in taking a buy out.  Mona (without a minute to think it over) scream me, me, me (I added that part, she just raised her hand).  She decides that what she wants post retirement is to marry Adam.  Who is Adam?  Adam is her accountant (that she only knows thru work).  What makes up the rest of the story is her silly attempt to get Adam to fall madly in love with her.  On her way home from retiring, she stops at a magazine kiosk and picks up all the Cosmo, Maxim, and how to get that man magazines so she can have an idea on how to get Adam.  In the Maxim-like magazine she reads a article by “The Dog” on crap women do and why real dudes can’t stand it.  What’s a girl who quits it all to get her guy to do?  Yep, she hires the Dog to teach her how to be the girl of Adams dream.  She tells her best gal pal, Greta her plan.  Great is a psychologist and thinks she is bonkers to waste the opportunity (you know being financially free and able to discover yourself).  One of the first suggestions the Dog makes is to take a stripper class.  In this class, we meet a bunch of characters and wouldn’t you know it, one of the ladies is the Dog’s sister Vicki.  Now, of course, Mona and Vicki become best buds.  From here, things go on a bit of a rollercoaster some chapters are better than others.  Notice, I haven’t mentioned Adam yet?  That’s because I did not like Adam.  He was not worthy.  Do Adam and Mona start dating and fall in love?  Does Greta have her way and Mona start taking inventory  of her life?  What does Vicki the exotic dancer have to do with this whole mess?  And who in the world is named the Dog?  Read Reinventing Mona and find out for yourself.  I haven’t been able to do a book review without giving away too much yet.  SO, I read it, and lets gab about it.


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