Gardening for dingbats.

I’ve tried to plant a few flowers before…Ok, I’ll be honest, usually it’s the Mother’s Day flowers from the PTA .25 sale.  I used to plant them once they were 3/4 dead because one of my boys would become angry that “his” flower was drying.  After 2 day tedious days of water, I’d lose interest.  This year, I have a lovely little collection growing around my tree.  We will get back to my tree later in this post.  

It’s been 6 weeks and I have not lost interest.  Um, that’s not the complete truth,I forget my flowers all the time but then I look down from my living room window and feel so bad that my little colorful babies are thirsty, I go out in this heat and give them a drink.  I have enlisted the help of my three sons (wouldn’t that be a great name for tv show :D)  but my flowers don’t get drinks, the boys soak each other and often me.

This week, I am planning on adding more tomato plants, some pepper plants and cilantro.  Yep, you guessed it, it’s a salsa garden.  I make fresh salsa daily so I should grow the ingredients.  I have one boy that is a bit zoftig (can I call my boy that???).  The more fresh, non fat goodness that goes in him, the fewer processed and high fructose corn syrup things that will.  

I REALLY want to add a pallet herb garden but I don’t know where to find a pallet or how to get it here.  I know my dad can find anything and tote anything but with these temperatures, I hate asking a 82 year old do anything that involves labor.  Speaking of my dad, one reason my plants have such a hard time (in the front yard) is we have a gigantic tree with roots that spread under my (uprooted, haha) driving to the neighbors yard.  I also had some bushes that looked a hot mess.  I clipped, I sawed and I completely demolished ONE bush but I left the wooden stump because well, it was too hard to get it.  My dad, SUPER COUNTRY, comes and my mom tells me that he would use a chain and his van. HUH???  Less than a minute later, stump was removed and I had a new appreciated for old country time and his interesting methods of doing things…Pictures of the little yard that could will be coming soon!


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