I think I have reading hyperactivity disorder

I seem to jump into to 5 or 6 books at a time. I can’t sleep sometimes for wanting to read (2 books at once). I am jumping back into Sheltering Hearts by Robyn Carr. Its absolutely fabulous! The main character, Dory, is a single mother who has not only survived domestic abuse but learned from it enough to help other women in a similar situation. She becomes the director for a single mother’s help center. She has to learn to trust and open her heart to love again. The hero is a hunky firefighter (and who doesn’t love that in a romance novel). He cuts her grass, plays catch with her kids, takes her son fishing AND helps find an honest mechanic that fixes her transmission for parts (only) and let’s her pay on an installment play. If he were any more perfect he’d be my Jeff (kidding, today he is handsome superhero! but from day to day I may paint him differently) It’s a short read. I got it for free from Amazon but if it were a longer book, I’d gladly pay 7.99 for it. But who doesn’t love free


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