Patricia Brigg’s Silver Borne…Yes, Miss Mary Sunshine likes scary stuff

I don’t know when it happened but I like a kindly werewolf, an altruistic vampire that chooses a “food” that benefit from the blood exchange.  I’ve never read Twilight but I imagine I would like the characters from the books.  I think the stories that I enjoy are great stories where the species (?) of the characters gets lost in the story.  I don’t see a predator who is out looking for victims, but (with Mercy, she is a mechanic that care deeply for all those around her not a person that turns to a coyote).

Why do I love this story?  I really like Mercy (I hate the way she looks on the book cover, never judge a book . . .)   The story starts with Mercy going out on a date with Adam.  In the previous book, she finally accepts Adams invitation to be Mate.  They are out bowling and “something” gets into her head and causes her to toss a bowling back AT a little girl.  Adam’s werewolf reflexes stop the bowl and all is well until they start talking on the way home and he flips that she put a little girl in danger.  Still shaken by the pack mate and all that goes with it, and still suffering from effects of 2 stories ago 😦  she has a panic attack and has to run.   She’s out driving in her car to clear her head and sees an ambulance.   She gets a messages from Samuel her former boyfriend, bff, and roommate.  She goes to ER and finds out he had a bad accident, when she gets to him, she sees that it is Sam.  Sam is Samuels “wolf”.  The wolf is now in control because Samuel has lost his desire to live.  He tried to drive off of a bridge.  Sam being in control is now a problem because when a wolf is in control,people tend to die (in big numbers) and his dad the Marok will have to put him down.   Mercy decides to keep this to herself and uses the previous fight with Adam as an excuse to request time away.

The other storyline in the book involves the fae, the story book from the Iron Kissed book and the Fairy Queen.  There’s kidnapping, there’s a coup attempt and fire and recovery.  I lost this post previously so I’m going to stop here and come back and flush it out again.



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