Review: Super Dinosaur Volume one

I am not sure if I would call this a comic book or a graphic novel because that’s not the area that I am familiar with.  What I am familiar with is comic book/graphic novel crazy little boys.  So far this book is a hit!


I tried to read this on the adobe reader (not pdf) that I downloaded but it was a little hard to read the panel.  I finally figured out how to get it on my kindle.  I love it.  The pictures are phenomenal.  My little guy (4) can’t read yet but he was looking at the panel making his own story.  I have not tested the book on my two older boys but the little guy alone would make me try this book for pre-readers that love dinosaurs.

As I read through the books, the first thing that I am noticing is the mature pictures.  Not in the overdeveloped anime way but this is not a baby book.  I realize that all children are different but the first problem I have a bedtime with stories is finding one that all three agree on (at the start anyway, once I add my sugar hyped mommy acting…it’s on and popping.  See, I’m a riot!)  But these picture panel scream of action.  I’ve seen by page 6 a picture and name of dinosaur.  I’m pretty sure in this day and age most little guys are familiar with T-rex and pterodactyl but just in case they aren’t what a cool way to introduce them.  I would advice the adult purchasing the book to take a look for your youngest children and make sure it is not too scary for them.  My four year old pals around and rough houses with the big brothers (and plays dad’s very inappropriate video games) so his fear level is pretty high.

Basics of the story are bad guy Dino-men  created by Max Maximus.  They are trying to dig to the center of the Earth(Inner Earth) to get a very powerful new mineral.  Apparently in Inner Earth (or is it at Inner Earth) there are lot of dinosaurs, particularly Super Dinosaur.  The scientist is Doctor Dexter Dynamo (gotta love all this alliteration).  Max and Dexter were partners at one time, with good guy Dexter doing all the work.  It’s up to Derek (Doc’s son), Doc and the t-rex(Super Dinosaur or SD) to keep the world safe.  Enter a military tech with his family to patch up SD after a fight with the bad guys and we are introduced to Erin and Erica.  Dr. D and Derek have an emotional moment.  Derek explains to Erica and Erin the origins of SD, the battle with Maximus and ultimately how his dad was injured.

To sum it all up, there’s action, emotion, science and great pictures.



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