I love book blogs.

I have been reading the most amazing book blogs!  They have pictures, banners and contests.  I have 3 (well 4) blogs because I kept forgetting my blazing address and password.  Google+ put it here so at least now I can find it!  I have currently adding 30 titles to my kindle fire but I’m not moving towards reading them.  I think I need to sign up for a reading challenge so I have an excuse to get moving and grooving.  If anyone is out there, what are you reading?  Any tips on how to make this blog look good?

My first book I am going to give a whirl today is Robyn Carr’s Shelter Hearts.  I will come back and give you a quick review.Robyn Carr’s website.

I entered a contest on her website, woohoo!  I love book contests.  Since I’m never going to win the lottery, this is my megamillions.


One thought on “I love book blogs.

  1. You should definitely do a reading challenge! Debut author one might be fun or you could try one of the ones im doing. If you're trying to build up a following, memes and giveawy hops are good too!I got done with Ashes by Ilsa J Bick couple days ago and it was the BEST Book EVER. You should totally read it! Lol, you won stuff on my blog too, btw! I'll try to email you tomorrow about the one, but the review mania giveaway ends Jan 8 so there's still time to get lots of comments in (self-promotion I know LOL)Ana @ BookSpark

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