I inherited Days of Our Lives viewing

I can distinctly remember being in the second grade.  It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and my mother and I bought a small bouquet of flowers.  She was spreading out a cornucopia of fruit (something she still does for T-day) and turned the television to Days of Our Lives.  I remember thinking that Dennis the Menace was on and I hated watching these old fogies.  I’m 40, so when I was 7, we had 2 tvs, one in my parents room and one in the living room.  When we were little, parents had first watch and last say.

Fast forward a little over 30 years and I only request the tv in sitting room at one time per day.  From 1-2, on NBC, so that I can watch Days of Our Lives.  I don’t watch it religiously right now but the comfort in having it there while I make lunch, plans and pay bills is the best.  In this era of ever disappearing soap operas or “stories” as my older aunts called them, I value the continuity of story lines and characters.  Heck, Marlena was on that day it November 1979, or was it her twin sister.  No matter, the show my mom, grandmom and great grandmother watched back then is still her when the last two women have gone on to their final reward.  Some days, I like to think that maybe Grandma is up there talking to Mrs. Horton…


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