Tuesday, Terrific Tuesday!

I’ve got one boy still home sick.  Now, the way I see it, if you are home sick, lying in the bed reading books is the way to go.  But this kid, wants to run around with no pants and no socks.  UGGG.

I’m been reading a little more of Double Dare, in between cleaning, cooking and decorating.  I read some harsh reviews on www.goodreads.com.  First thing really going for it was the great price on Amazon.  I’m not saying the reviews were beholden to the author because the book was free, quite the contrary, I think we owe Ms. Nelson our honest opinion.   Some reviewers were saying it was too perfect, there’s room in some romances for silly, perfect and fairy tail.  I would have a problem if it were a paranormal romance but a straight up (Southern) r0mance is sort of charming.  Granted, I haven’t read far enough to agree or disagree, I just felt the reviews were harsh.


Oops, kiddie and pancake calls for syrup.  Back again later.


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