Today is a day with excedrin written all over it

Just when I thought I had taught (okay baby food fed) my son his Scientific Method facts. What? No, he never brought the words or worksheets home. Huh? Yes, I took his ds away for that. Huh? No, I don’t think he learned his lesson but I know all about the steps, facts about the scientific method. He comes home pouting, just stomping off of the school bus. “STUPID teacher, I HATE her.”

Wow, it’s her fault that you simply confused procedure and purpose. I could see how they are so close in definition. When I looked thru the backpack today, I saw on a class worksheet the last wrong answer: What are 2 things good hypothesis (es?) have???? Answer (wrong on w/s and quiz) No opinions can be a hypothesis. So, the question of the day is: What the heck were you doing when she went over this in class????

UGGGGG. Looks like I’ll be playing some rainbow Kirby again when I lie in bed crying over my kids and school.


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