Found a new favorite thing

It isn’t really new, I’ve tried Bubs and Scrubs before but I every time I tried to get the Cherry Blossom Soap its sold out. I have wanted this since my friend Brenda opened her soap making business. Why am I telling you this? In case you are looking for something to get me for my birthday, I DID just have one you know! Seriously, I have her Yuzu, and A Rose is Still a Rose, I can’t decide which I love more. They are as pretty and fragrant as the names are cute. If I weren’t supposed to be living frugally my entire bathroom would be loaded with these. As it is, I can sneak them in the house and as long as no one blabs, I can keep my soap habit going. Oh wait, I shouldn’t tell you MY favorite scent, you are going to buy them and then what will I do? Ok, ok,ok, there are enough awesome scents to go around. Go ahead and give Bubs and Scrubs a try and get back to me.


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