July 15, 2010

Today I decided to start a new fitness program.  I am “getting ready” to get “fit for forty”.  I googled  “Tawny” and took a gander at some of the ladies who carry that name.  To be honest, I have been in a rut these last 5 years, having kids will do that a girl but good gravy!  These ladies are ridiculous…is everyone walking around smoldering hotness?  That’s it, here I come…

How does this sound for a plan, I’m going to work on getting healthy, getting organized, getting baby monkey potty trained and finding my career again?  Sounds like a plan right?  Life generally seems to work like that.  Once you start lining up your goals, you straighten up everything.  At least for me, once one thing falls apart, chaos ensues.  Suggestions welcomed.  Talk to you soon.  Come on DVDs.  Only 16 days to the my birthday, the count down has begun, I’m not getting any younger.


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