When Tinkerbell is a Granny

Emptiness by skipwrope

When Tink is a Granny, maybe she will fly here and look at all the children she’s used to watch sleep


2 thoughts on “When Tinkerbell is a Granny

  1. OMG Absolutely beautiful! My kiddos think that tinkerbelle and “fairies” live under mushrooms. They call pixies fairies too! 🙂

    SO when they see a mushroom in the yard, they don’t go kick it over, because the tink or the toothfairy might not have a house anymore!

    That’s an awesome pic!

    1. Oh my, it’s been almost a year since you sent this 😀 I forgot the password. Let’s just say I’m a little scatterbrained. How sweet that they respect the fairy land! My boys are rotten little buggers and look forward to ridding the world of fairydom

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