Hello world! An open letter to my new best friends…

Hello, indeed!  I decided to give blogging a try (again)…I am notorious for not finishing anything.  Can you ever finish blogging?  I have never been a diary keeper.  Heaven knows I should, I should at the very least  journal what books I have read so that I don’t re-purchase.  I am not sure exactly what direction I want to take my little blog.  This is actually my third post (this is so me!)  I welcome you to join me on my journey of self discovery (of that sounds good, no?) 

I have spent the last year and a half dabbling on Facebook and I have developed some interesting friendships with former classmates and complete strangers from across the globe!  My dear husband thinks I am a wacko (but that’s nothing new)…The Facebook  phenomena is not new to me.  I have great relationships with all the folks at the local Shoprite (as I seem to shop daily), the Target (where the pharmacists, know me by name and voice) and the cashiers always ask about my kids by name and the both schools’ secretaries, principals and nurses know me quite well.

I hope to read and know about more friends as I learn more about myself.  I make jokes about my crazy kids but they are my greatest joy and I believe that I was born to be their mother….I think I will do another open letter to my new friends in a month (maybe with a test to see if you have been paying attention)


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