Bad Day #2

Today, I had the humiliating experience of taking the baby to hospital. What’s so humiliating about that? We went to the Emergency Room because my three year old PUNCHED the baby in the stomach. I’ll back up about 15 minutes. The three year old, who we’ll call Medium, was using curse words so I wouldn’t let him play the video game. (See, good parenting). Never one to be sanctioned, he decided to punch and kick me while practicing those words. The therapists suggest ignoring Medium when he is doing that “attention seeking behavior”. So, that’s what I did, I sat there and let a three year old kick my behind and curse me out while doing it! Medium was getting madder and madder, he’s got issues but he’s no dummy. He knew the ONE thing that I just couldn’t ignore. He punched the baby in the tummy.

FYI Small Fry is doing just fine. The people at the hospital looked at me like I was nuts for bringing in the baby. Better to be safe than sorry.


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