Am I a monster?

I noticed that the first thing most mothers say to me when they see us (Justin and me) in the grocery store or Target (the only two places we go) is are you breastfeeding? Isn’t this a little personal? Coming from a total stranger, it seems a little forward. You wouldn’t come up to me and ask if I’m wearing a pushup bra or if I was wearing chicken cutlets would you? Maybe you would. I (honestly) had someone ask if “they” were real. Ummm, if “they” were purchased, they would be perfect Cs, nice and perky, not these bohemoth milk bags that I’m carrying around. I was just wondering, if you are a person who asks strangers about breast feeding, why? Not being defensive, I do breast feed (about 80% of the time) to which a lady (actually) grabbed the offensive bottle of carnation good start and shook it at me. It’s for when we are on the run. I KNOW it would be better to express but sometimes with 2 other boys it gets hard to pump. Are there any moms out there that can feel my pain? I’m not a monster filling my precious bubby up with toxins am I? Help….


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