Church and children

I have always enjoyed going to church. I mean even as a little girl. I used to ask my mother when I was old enough to go to church. When I was 7, she found a Baptist church in the phone book and dropped me off. I went to Sunday School and would call and she would come pick me up. We did this for about a year, I joined the children’s choir and then my parents joined the church. I attended was an associated member of a church when I was in college. When I came home from college, I returned to my home church.

My oldest son (yes, only 6) tells me, boldly and loudly, that he’s not going to church. He frequently tells me that he doesn’t like church. My husband isn’t big on going to church. His brother is our pastor. We met at my church (he wasn’t a member just coming to support his brother one of the first times that he preached). We were married there and had our kids dedicated their. WHY WON’T MY BOY GO?

My middle son always asks can we go to church and clap our hands. He has always enjoyed the music. He get’s antsy, which I understand. Are boys just differet from girls? Did we miss too much time in (oldest) formative years and he thinks that this is optional? I’d like to hear from mothers that do and mothers that don’t go to church to hear your opinion.


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