Drive thru those happy meal toys

Currently, McDonald’s is giving away Shrek goodies. This is a smart move. What’s notsmart is me taking my children there for dinner. The don’t want to eat real food. They think they are making a stand. I get nervous because the little one is getting thin. BUT that’s what 3 year olds do. They look thin. I know this and I should just hold out and say, “Look buddy, you eat the chicken for dinner or go hungry.” But I should explain to you that I am a wimp. I have this hear that my child will starve to death and we will be on the morning news. How would that look. SO, I drive to the local McDonald’s agreeing only to purchase chicken nuggets. They ARE chicken breasts and chicken is a good meat. (Work with me here) but because of those stupid Shrek happy meals, I drive away with 2 happy meals, an order of chicken and a feeling on suckerness.

You arrive home, the children suddenly don’t want to eat. No, they MUST have the happy meal toy. I live in a house with so many gadgets, I could be a used electronics store. I have EVERY game system that has come out since 1995. We have computers on each floor and tvs in each bedroom and the major family rooms. BUT life cannot go on without IMMEDIATELY playing with this little plastic cat. UGGGGGG.


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